Seeking opinions

Hi everyone!

So, our last #dsma chat got me thinking, I really want to do something special for World Diabetes Day this November.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently enrolled in a pre-med, postbacc graduate program. This translates to, all of my classmates want to be doctors or dentists, and we’re in grad school.

So here’s my thinking. Grad students (well, most people actually) love free food, and since diabetes affects all aspects of a patient’s health, I figured if anyone should care, it’s my class. So for WDD I was planning on getting a big basket of granola bars (or other non-perishable, kind of healthy snack) from Whole Foods and put a little sticker with the blue circle and “WDD” on it. I’d also have a little sign explaining it’s WDD with a link to IDF’s site.

So, here’s where you come in. I got feedback from a couple different people. One person says it’s a great idea since diabetes awareness isn’t widely publicized, and is optimistic that people would be interested. Note, he has Type 1 diabetes.

The second person said it was sort of a weird thing to do, and could verge on preachy/annoying. Paraphrasing, “If someone came in with breast cancer granola, I would think that was weird unless I was at an event for breast cancer. So, this could be weird.” Note, this person does not have diabetes.

So now I’m torn. As much as I want to be an advocate for the community I’m worried about coming off as preachy and annoying! What do you think? Weird, or go ahead and do it?



Wordless Wednesday

Nothing like being able to go from stressed out to child's pose in a matter of seconds.

Nothing like being able to go from stressed out to child’s pose in a matter of seconds.