I am a grad student, aspiring physician, diabetic, and lifelong fat kid.

I have learned a lot over the past few years about being healthy and staying strong. I want to share some of my stories and experiences here, in hopes of helping someone out there who might feel they are struggling alone.

I also hope to give an outsider a look into the life of someone who has experienced being overweight their entire life, currently transitioning into being healthy, and the daily struggle of living with chronic disease.

Life is more than labels and what’s on the outside, it is about loving yourself and embracing all that comes your way. We all have our journey to accepting that.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Just happened upon your blog. I admire you so much for your honestly and courage!! I have struggled with weight my entire life as well. At 21 (when I was actually at probably my lowest/best weight ever), I got Type 1 diabetes, so I’ve experienced similar and different issues that you, but I can totally relate. Since being diagnosed, I have become more and more insulin resistant, so I’m a Type 1 with lots of Type 2 tendencies. Joy! We’ll get through this, with as much support and encouragement as we can muster for each other 🙂

    • Wow!I’m so glad you found me, I’m a Type 2 with lots of Type 1 tendancies, haha! I’m also insulin dependent, found out my c-peptide is SUPER low so now I’m looking into using a pump. Thanks for connecting, always love to meet new diabetes friends 😀

  2. If you’re curious about it then definitely ask! I mostly hear about people getting their c-peptides checked when they’re in/coming out of their honeymoon period. Or like in my case when your A1c climbs from 5s to 7s to 9.9% for no clear reason 😉

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