You may have noticed…

I realize that I haven’t been posting very often, and for that I apologize. Unfortunately I’ve been preoccupied with being in a post-graduation rut and studying for the MCAT. For those of you who know me from Twitter, the last year has been a bit of a struggle when it comes to self-care, both mentally, physically, diabeetically (I can make up words on my blog right?) and so on.


-I’ve started a trial on Symlin to get my postprandial BGs to stop spiking so high. Spikes after meals, even as low as 15g of carb sent me soaring even w/ bolus insulin. It was one of the more startling things I discovered during my short time with the Dexcom.

-I’ve decided to try and eat grain-free during the week and minimize how much I eat during the weekend. I find reducing the grains and starches I eat makes me feel so much better, less heavy and bloated. Also, I feel more alert. Fridays are the exception, to keep myself from feeling deprived I’ve decided that on Fridays I can have one of whatever I want, and enjoy the hell out of it. Last week I chose a reasonably (read: not colossal) sized glazed donut, and was able to bolus, enjoy, and continue on. I think taking the time to sit and savor it with a mug of good coffee was much more satisfying than eating three of them. That’s something I want to remember, the feeling of enjoying something and not having to feel guilty about it because it was a controlled situation.

Right now my focus is to work on improving how I live day to day as well as studying my ass off for the biggest test of my life so far.

I’ll try to keep you posted.




P.S. I’m considering adding a video portion to this blog. I’m not sure if anyone is interested, but I think there are some fun things you can do with video that you can’t with just text and pictures. If you have any ideas about topics I could cover please let me know! I’d like to think as a young adult T2 I have an interesting perspective to offer. 🙂