Am I the only one…

Every 4 years the Summer Olympics comes on.

Every 4 years I want to do gymnastics but remember that despite being the right height for it, I am too old, not flexible enough, and well, about 50 pounds too heavy. But that doesn’t stop me from rolling around on my exercise mat like a fool.



2 thoughts on “Am I the only one…

  1. Taking a spin through your blog some more, and all I can say is: I love this post. During the Olympics, I was thinking of taking up some sort of obscure sport so I could compete for Team Canada in 2016 ;).
    And then I remember that I prefer to flail around dancing in my living room than do Zumba, jump on a trampoline because I can’t do cartwheels, and go sideways whenever I try a somersault [because apparently in my head, though having a partly gimpy right side of my body, I SHOULD be a gymnast. Never mind that I’m probably 30 pounds too heavy ;).]

    So, while you’re rolling around on your mat, remember that I’m up north doing sideways somersaults. :]

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